What is my screen resolution?

Your screen resolution is


Copy Below Javascript Code and Use

var width = screen.width;
var height = screen.height;
document.write(width + " x " + height);

How to Find Out What Your resolution of your monitor, iPad, tablet, iPhone, MacBook or any other display device?

The Resolution is a combination of vertical and horizontal size (width × height), it is different from device to device. For example, if device resolution (800 × 600) then 800 is your width and 600 height. There are several ways to check the resolution but the easiest way is to check resolution from our ToolFear software. Just open https://www.toolfear.com/screen-resolution.php URL in your device and it will automatically show your current screen resolution.

What is my screen resolution?

We know, you want to obtain a screen resolution, so here we have created the best and accurate screen resolution checker online for you. Here you can check resolution of your laptop, desktop, windows operating system, mac or any other display device. ToolFear screen resolution checker also called a screen resolution tester because if you are developer and you want to test a screen then here you can easily check. Just open aToolFear Screen Resolution checkeron your mac or windows and it will automatically captures screen size and display instantly.